Equine Dentistry

Dental care in horses is as important as it is in people! Horses’ teeth erupt throughout life (grow) and so develop sharp points and cheek ulcers pretty rapidly. Dr. Randy just did dental work on a horse a few days ago that also had an abscessed molar tooth. The owners hadn’t noticed any real difference in the horse’s attitude yet, but the tooth was causing major problems in the mouth. If he hadn’t been scheduled for a routine float, who knows how long it would have been before the problem was noticed! This particular horse had been examined yearly for the last 3-4 years and had dental work strongly suggested.

Dr. Randy checks most chiropractic/acupuncture cases for dental disease as that care is so important to overall health and performance. Dental “floating” under anesthesia and with a speculum and power dental equipment is suggested on at least a yearly basis. The only way to not miss cheek ulcers and broken or abscessed teeth is to have the horse thoroughly sedated and examined. Just ask for this important service today!

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