Equine Chiropractic – Is a bone really out of place?

Many people think when the chiropractor says you are “out” that a bone is out of place. This is not true! The same applies to your horse. When we are examining your horse to see if he (or she) needs an adjustment, we are actually feeling for areas that are “stuck” or not moving correctly.

All of the bones are still located within the normal range of motion of a joint, muscles are just keeping them from moving normally. Sometimes these muscles actually spasm so hard they will make a bone appear to be “out of alignment” and when the muscle is treated the bone appears “in alignment”. This is where the term “out” originated.

The main thing is to have everything moving smoothly and freely. This is where the body is the most able to keep itself injury and pain free. This is the primary goal of Chiropractic care!

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