“Bella”, “the Princess”, was found under the dumpster behind the clinic in 2008 as a kitten. For two years she lived the life of luxury as Dr. Kathy and Dr. Randy’s son had her at his apartment while in school at Kansas State. Unfortunately, she didn’t hide very well and was evicted by the landlord. Since then her permanent residence is on the front counter.

Be careful if you pet her! She will only take so much before she will swat at you or take a nip at your hand. She is definitely a diva.

“Violet” joined our team in fall of 2018. She was running around outside a local convenience store hiding from everyone. Once she moved in with us we knew she had her home for life.

In Memory

We lost “Nick” in the Spring of 2017. Nick loved everyone and everyone loved Nick. He was the only clinic cat we have ever had that really went out of his way to play with kids.

We lost “PK” in Spring 2018.. She was brought in by a gas company worker in 2006 who found her on the porch of an abandoned house. She was paraylzed in the hind legs. Dr. Kathy nursed her back to health as she slowly regained partial use of her hind legs. She is missed by everyone.